Hello! My name is Tanya, and I love Advertising!


Have you got something to say? Let meĀ help you be heard!

From the time I was a teenager in retail window dressing; I’ve painted, sculpted, drawn and followed trends – always dynamic. I had a great corporate experience with MT&T, where I cultivated the disciplined production methods which are second nature to me now. I’m passionate about my work!

Along the way I earned a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, a Diploma in Marketing from Saint Mary’s University and have numerous other courses of study related to the Advertising Design industry. I kept an office in downtown Halifax for nearly two decades and I’ve loved every minute!

I’ve done a ton of corporate work – elegant reports and public relations documents, countless brochures, packaging materials – all manner of design work – from huge tradeshow booths and vinyl-wrapped buses to the most delicate lapel pin, every project and every industry represented inspire me to create the most interesting, compelling and informative presentations – to put my clients on top.

Most of all, I love splashy Display Advertising! I hope you’ve enjoyed the items in my portfolio – I look forward to hearing from you – Let’s make a splash!